How to find whether embed tag is fully loaded or not MVC


My problem description as below.

I have EmployeeAccounts table and this table has around 30 columns. I have mvc3 .aspx page and I am displaying the EmployeeAcounts details in this page using "embed tag in PDF format. Below is the code I written to show EmployeeAccount details.

<% var sourceData = "/Employee/RenderEmployeeDetails"; %> -- Data returning from this controller is in bytes
<embed src=<%: sourceData %> width="500" height="600" >

My issue here is, when there are less number of EmployeeAcounts to be show on page then it will display/render in PDF without any issues, when there are more number of EmployeeAcounts to be show then it will not display/render in PDF instead it comes like cross mark[X] on the page.

So is there any way I can find out that whether "embed' tag is fully loaded or fully rendered with sourceData or not. Or is there any better way to address this issue.

I'm investing lot of time on this to figure it out. Please help.

Thanks in advance!