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    I have developed a .NET dll using targeted to framework 4.0 .

    I have developed a .NET dll using targeted to framework 4.0 .
    Now I need to implement the licensing functionality.

    I want to implement the Design time licensing feature which is nothing but during the development time in visual studio.

    How to achieve this? Please do help..

    Basically user is not allowed to create object from my DLL after certain period of time ...

    What I have tried:

    Tried with GetProcess() mecahism..But I need the code should get executed during design time ..NOT Runtime
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    Hi Antoni,

    You have to write a function in your DLL file during the initialization of the object. So, whenever an object is get initiated for that class then you have to check the license. If it is valid then do nothing otherwise just throw the system error.

    This kind of implementation, it will not throw any error during the compilation. It will throw only where they using your DLL file.

    V.M. Damodharan
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    i think the another better way to achieve this is, create parameter constructor in your dll and ask the end user to pass the token i,e parameter with licence information and valid this in your constructor.
    if it gets fail then say some message or throw message that wrong token or wrong licence information.

    B.Ramana Reddy

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