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    How should I enhance my technical skills

    I am dotnet programmer and have 6.5 years of experience. I have switched multiple companies but unfortunately every time I am enrolled in Most older projects of companies where there are no learning opportunities. Now I am feeling like dump and no use of switching the company. I used to learn new things from internet but can't do it daily till there is no real time assignment/project.

    Please someone guide me what should I do.
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    Hi Anjali,

    Before improving your technical skills please make sure you much familiar what you have already known. Once you familiar those things then you have to find what's the current trend like angularJS, NodeJS, .NET CORE. Identifies those and which is relevant to your interest and choose a platform and start learning through youtube videos and a lot of tutorial websites.

    Right now, most of the companies want to complete their project within very short time with better quality. To do this, we have to learn most of the opensource, plugins and the readymade templates. So, you have to collect what are those and try to learn about those things.

    Also, most of the persons switching their company due to the low salary. To earn more, we have to get more knowledge first if we make sure on that, then we have to decide. Choice is yours.

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    Yea Ofcourse you need to learn new technologies this

    MVC5,angularJS, NodeJS, .NET CORE, Sharepoint

    this is most exposure in this technology world.

    you can learn own easily then read beginner level articles etc

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    You said that wont be able to do practice every time..So why dont you try to learn online..may be it will be helpful to you
    Online Dot Net Training Courses

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