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    Kindly guide me through this

    Hello all
    I need some career guidance. Since 2.5 years I am working in a very small company and mainly developing small ERP projects using and Oracle.Now I want to change my job as I am not getting any new technologies to learn.But the problem is that I have worked on windows form applications only. And I don't have any practical knowledge about web services.Here comes the main problem at this point what should I do either I join some technical classes or directly apply
    in companies???? Kindly guide me through this
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    Hi Nikitha.

    You are having 2.5 years experience which is more than enough to get a job change.
    Webservice concept is very easy once go through one of my article on creating and consuming webservices.
    Just you need to brush-up the topics required for web application development. mvc with c# or mvc with is what they are asking in the market for web application developer.
    Hope you got some idea.

    Sridhar Thota.
    Editor: DNS Forum.

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    Windows form development is slowly fading away from the market as everybody uses webpages. What you can do is practice web application development and start learning web related coding and development. Since you already have .NET background it won't be tough for you. No need to go back to the technical classes and all by quitting the jobs. Still you may find windows form application development requirement.

    Nothing to worry keep learning web application development.

    Asheej T K

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