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    How to find nested or child repeater in using jquery or javascript

    how to hide or show nested or child repeaters in using jquery or javascript
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    Hi Sadiq,

    Which control you want to hide or show in a repeater control just add a dummy class name to that control like this, class='showorhideclass'

    After that, whenever you click a button call a javascript function and hide or show based on the class name. Whatever control has that class name it will be hide or show or whatever you want to do. Refer the code,


    If you want to get each control as a for object then use the below code,
    //here you can find your object $(this) and write whatever you want.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    V.M. Damodharan
    "Your talent will be worthless, when you have fear and tension."

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