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    Secure web services over https


    I want to create secure web services, meaning over HTTPS. I have created the same and configured in IIS to consume HTTPS only.

    What I need is that My service should not be accessed via browser directly.( I don't want to use SOAP header authentication as there is no username-password like thing) I just want that these service urls should be accessed directly in browser.

    2.) I have created self signed certificate on local environment , what to do with production?

    Anjali Bansal
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    Hi Anjali,

    The SSL certificate you can create for development environment. It will work.
    But production you have to buy the SSL certificate. I do not know which your hosting service provider/ Server provider. You can buy for them. It is not free for production.

    By Nathan
    Direction is important than speed

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    HTTPS URL should be accessed via Domain Name, other wise we may get some issues.
    you are saying created HTTPS URLs are Self signed, means invalid SSL certificates. Hence we need to install public/private certificates on client machines itself to access the urls.

    If all client machines are in same domain , there is no need of install certificates it will work. but definitely outside, the client machines are not in same domain. So, we should install valid SSL certificates

    If Valid SSL certificates are installed then we can access URL thru IP and Domain Name.When we call this URL then it will check the browser level certificates with web server and create a tunnel for that. if not it will down load automatically when it requires. HTTPS certificates need to be exported from web server and then import into client machine when you are using invalid SSL.

    B.Ramana Reddy

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