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    I have application.
    I need to consume a web-service url from config files.

    But I have three environments with 3 different urls like below


    how to call this in different config files with same service name might be
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    You can change only the URL of the web service based on your environment.
    Following are some of the technique that I am using in my application

    string WebServiceURLL = GetWebServiceURL(GetWOSystemEmployeesL.Url);
    GetWOSystemEmployeesL.Url = WebServiceURLL;

    private static string GetWebServiceURL(string WebserviceURLP)
    // Check based on the QA/Production/etc..
    string zWebServiceServerL = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["FDCWebServiceServerBaseURL"];
    string WebServiceURLL = zWebServiceServerL + WebserviceURLP.Substring(WebserviceURLP.IndexOf('/', 7), WebserviceURLP.Length - WebserviceURLP.IndexOf('/', 7));
    return WebServiceURLL;

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