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    Design patterns required for .net developer

    Hi all,

    I am having 7 years of exp in .net,but i have not used much in design patters,
    now its required for interview,i want to know what are the design patters required for learning me,can any one guide me exactly,i am purely web developer,,mvc
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    dependency injection and singleton pattern will help u a lot to crack the interviews :-)

    Good luck

    Anjali Bansal

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    Understanding of all the design pattern is good practice. After understanding of all the design pattern,you will feel it's reflect on your coding style. Following are some of standard patterns that we should understand.

    Creational Patterns

    Abstract Factory- Creates an instance of several families of classes
    Builder - Separates object construction from its representation
    Factory Method - Creates an instance of several derived classes
    Prototype - A fully initialized instance to be copied or cloned
    Singleton - A class of which only a single instance can exist

    Structural Patterns

    Adapter - Match interfaces of different classes
    Bridge - Separates an object's interface from its implementation
    Composite - A tree structure of simple and composite objects
    Decorator - Add responsibilities to objects dynamically
    Facade - A single class that represents an entire subsystem
    Flyweight - A fine-grained instance used for efficient sharing
    Proxy - An object representing another object

    Behavioral Patterns

    Chain of Resp - A way of passing a request between a chain of objects
    Command - Encapsulate a command request as an object
    Interpreter - A way to include language elements in a program
    Iterator - Sequentially access the elements of a collection
    Mediator Defines simplified communication between classes
    Memento - Capture and restore an object's internal state
    Observer - A way of notifying change to a number of classes
    State - Alter an object's behavior when its state changes
    Strategy - Encapsulates an algorithm inside a class
    Template Method - Defer the exact steps of an algorithm to a subclass
    Visitor - Defines a new operation to a class without change

    By Nathan
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    Hi Ramana.

    In interviews they may as for design patterns since they follow those in their organisation.
    It doesn't mean that to claim yourself that you know design pattern's even if you haven't worked on them in real.
    You can say them that you have followed MVC architecture or N-Tire Architecture . More over your profound experience in the areas you worked is enough to crack interviews .

    Sridhar Thota.
    Editor: DNS Forum.

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