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    How is MVC architecture used in dotnet?

    MVC architecture is Model, View and Controllers. Usually in java Model is usually the classes which you built because for object-relationship mapping. Controllers are the servlets and view is ofcourse your HTML with JSP or JSTL.
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    Model View Controller is an architectural pattern and is not limited to JAVA or dotnet.
    If you want to know about Asp.Net MVC then the terms are as follows:

    Model: represents the data in your application.Could be Data Models ( corresponding to DataBase tables) or View Model (corresponding to the UI entities). This is usually a class file (.cs).

    View: This is the UI layer and gets displayed to the user. MVC supports two types of View engines : ASPX and RAZOR. So your view could either be a *.aspx file or a *.cshtml file.

    Controller: This is the brain of the MVC application that responds to url/action requests , binds them with the proper model and eventually redirects/calls the proper view.

    Hope it helps.


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