Can't add local project references between class libraries in .net core 1.1

I am having 3 projects(.net core 1.1) in my solution.

Project Solution
--> Console application (.net core 1.1)
--> Class library 1(.net core 1.1)
--> Class library 2 (.net core 1.1)

"console application" have 2 project reference [I can add both reference without any issues]
-->Class library 1
--> Class library 2


"Class library 1" has dependency with "Class library 2" and I can add reference but still "class library 1 class's" could not identify the class library2 class.

showing error message as "The type and namespace assembly class library2 could not find" so kindly help to solve

Note:1) all project versions are .net core 1.1 and access modifier also I checked . no issues.
2) Added reference as this way [Project-->right click-->add reference --> class library 2]
Kindly suggest me any other way to add ref in .net core