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    Angular js its look like java script?

    Hi member,

    I am started to learning Angular.js its a look like javascript? I know java script its easier to learn?. Angular.js need Dotnet framework?

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    I am also a beginner in AngulasJS. As far as my concern, AngularJS will be bit like Jquery.
    We can develop application with AngularJS without Dotnet Framework, Because AngularJS its has a Framework which is similar to MVC architecture.

    AngularJS is a dynamic library which help us to create dynamic website with very less time.
    I am following up the below website for AngularJs Understanding hope it helps you.


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    I am starting learning angular js .please provide your email id then we share knowledge.

    V Rameshsrinivasan

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    Angular is open source front end framework which was written based on javascript syntax.
    Javascript is scripting language to develop client UI applications.
    So, there is no dependency with .Net framework to learn Angular JS and we can directly create UI application without backend support.

    B.Ramana Reddy

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