Telerik version upgradation issue in

Hi Team,

I am using Telerik version 2013.3.1114.45 in my application. Now I have upgraded my version into 2017.1.228.45. After upgradations lot of Telerik functionalities are not working.

Some of the examples I have described what I have faced so far as follows.

Scenario 1:

I am having rad numeric textboxes on my page. I entered the numeric values into the text box and press enter button.

Actual result: value cleared in the textbox (This problem occurred after upgradations)

Expected result: value shouldn't be cleared in the textbox.

Scenario 2 :

When I click the button the rad window needs to be displayed but it's not opening after upgradations.

Scenario 3
Rad grid row selections, tab index for rad grid also not working. The design was collapsed in rad controls.
If I do any postback, the Telerik controls are working good.

Whether we can upgrade Telerik version directly from 2013.3.1114.45 to 2017.1.228.45?

Please provide your valuable solutions.

Thanks in Advance!!!
Simiyon A