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    Re-arrange xml attribute value in C#

    i need to change the location of attribute xml value

    ex :
    from : <PCIInfo deviceID="1616" subDeviceID="1028" subVendorID="062B" vendorID="8086" />

    to :<PCIInfo deviceID="1616" vendorID="8086" subDeviceID="062B" subVendorID="1028" />
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    Hi Ravindra,

    If the attribute you want to change doesn't exist or has been accidentally removed, then an exception will occur. I suggest you first create a new attribute and send it to a function like the following:

    private void SetAttrSafe(XmlNode node,params XmlAttribute[] attrList)
    foreach (var attr in attrList)
    if (node.Attributes[attr.Name] != null)
    node.Attributes[attr.Name].Value = attr.Value;

    XmlAttribute attr = dom.CreateAttribute("name");
    attr.Value = value;
    SetAttrSafe(node, attr);


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