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    Http 403 forbidden Error


    Im getting Http 403 forbidden Error -You do not have permission to access /' on the server while navigating from one page to another page only for few users.
    There is no log in EVentviewer and IIS logs for this 403 error.
    Its working as expected without any issue while we try in individual web servers. while access through internet it throws error.

    if there is an issue in Loadbalancer server, all users should get the error,

    Since we are getting the issue only for few users dont have any clue where the problem is.

    Please assist here with your inputs/suggestions.
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    This is very common error everyone get when the deploy the application in the server.
    Have you deployed your application in the server and when you are trying to access you are getting this error ?

    1. This is because you/user don't have permission to that folder or file. So you should provide access for all users or IIS users alone.

    2. This solution can be used if the problem is from backend,
    •Start SQL Server Managament Studio
    •Expand Security->Logins
    •Locate your user, right click on it and take Properties
    •Open Server Roles tab
    •Make sure that bulkadmin is checked.
    •There you can experiment with other roles if bulkadmin doesn't work for you.


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    We oftenly get this error while hosting our application on IIS.Please try below scenarios if it is missed by you.

    1) Check whether wrong IP address in DNS settings for host.

    2)This is mostly likely caused by the app pool identity not having permissions to the root folder of the site.
    Also check that there is a default page configured in the root folder in the site and
    that the default page is listed in the default documents list for the site.

    Good Luck!


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