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    Issue with Crystal Report

    Hi All,

    I have a issue with crystal report which was developed long before.
    When I pass a parameter and start running the report I am getting a issue like "Object not found".
    It is clear that the particular SQL object/Column is not more available in the database so its displaying the error.

    Issue something like this,

    if{(table.Column1)} = "Test" then

    But my issue is how to find where is this formula percent, The Crystal report not showing exactly where this formula coming from. It is just showing the issue alone.

    How to find, from which field this formula is applied?
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    As you said this is because of column present issue, I suggest you to check whether column is exist first, if it is exists then do whatever you want.


    // do your stuff here

    Hope this helps you...

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    I think you need to backtrack your crystal report design, first check if the formula is attached in crystal report design or its in your code behind, try to remove columns one by one and check if the error goes off.
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    If the formula is present in the crystal report then you can check it in the field explorer and see the formula variables and parameters.

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