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    C# Windows appliacion

    Hi , Am using C# Windows application and have to print barcode label ,i have 3 column in data grid
    ( Pno ,ProName , Quantity ) values ( 11 , AAA , 20 ) and ( 12 , BBB , 24 ) and ( 13 , CCC , 27 )
    when i click the print button three labels only take print , but i need when i click print button to print ( Pno 11- 20 qty and Pno12- 24 Qty and Pno13-27 Qty) how to print this type.
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    As you said it prints 3 labels, that means values are not appending while printing time I suggest you to put a break point and try to print before that you have to concatenate Pno & Quantity.

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    Hai Kirubaharan,
    First of all you need to get all the data from the table and then you can format the data while looping and get it in the datatable.
    Once it is constructed as per your requirements, you can print the datatable values.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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