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    Redirection on button click which is in email

    I have one HRMS project. I have maintained sessions here after login.
    Every page check session first. If its null, redirect to Login.
    There are multiple modules involved.
    In module "Leave", we can request for leave to manager.
    After successful save, email send to manager with button "View"

    I want to implement functionality, where on click on View, direct redirect to browser, check if browser have stored user name and password in cookies. If exist then redirect to that specific request in edit mode to view that record in details.
    It should call login event because all values should be in session.
    I have windows authentication.

    Please give me some direction or any solution to implement this.
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    Hai Pranjal,
    As you have specified that you are using Windows authentication, for the web application, then you need to get the user details first using IPrincipal class interface and then you can check the session.
    By this way you can achieve the required functionality.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

    Pawan Awasthi(DNS MVM)
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    Hi Pranjal,

    I guess Forms Authentication gives you better solution in your scenario, while login time it's store the credentials in the form of cookie and you can re-use those credentials until it's expires.

    Hope it helps you...

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