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    Can i Create Exe file from WebApplication in Asp.Net Visual Studio

    hi Developers,
    Can i Create Exe file and Install it to my system from WebApplication in Asp.Net Visual Studio.
    or i can't

    I want to create a Exe file from a WebApplication and i need to install it to my Local Machine.
    Also i want to work with the applicarion on Offline.
    what i have to do . can i done it with webAppplication or can't i.

    please suggest me friends i get confused.

    thanking you
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    Hi Paul,

    You can't create exe using web application, because web applications generates .dll files only. If you want to create exe file then create console application.

    Hope this helps you..

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    Hai Paul Raj,
    As it was mentioned before, that, is it not possible to have the exe file for the web application. As the web application is browser based so it will run on the browser.
    The other part is to get the dll from the Web Application is to build it and then it will generate the dll file and not the exe.

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    ASP.NET is deal with only web based application hence you can not create EXE using it, web application is running on web browser and it has no access of your client machine
    you can not able access your client machine desktop or any other folder structure as it as considered as the threat or vulnerable activity

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    Hai Paul Raj,
    Rather you can create the setup file for the Web Application and then you can run it .
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

    Pawan Awasthi(DNS MVM)
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    Thanks for all of your valuable post Friends . Thanks a lot


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    One of my case, we create a exe format application using console app and then we add that application inside the web application, So when you click a tab or menu you will the exe which will execute and perform similarly like how the usual application work. We need to utmost care about the application closing, because this is the place most of them make mistakes, Because this window application exe was running away from Web application means both are running parallel and each one is not related to each other.


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