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    How to findout this Records in Sql


    EMPID DateTime
    1001 30/01/2016 08:15:16
    1002 30/01/2016 12:16:35
    1003 29/01/2016 08:15:55

    How to Time format filtered in Sql Query for ex: grater than 09:00:00

    i need output this

    EMPID DateTime
    1002 30/01/2016 12:16:35
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    When you declaring the variable as DateTime obviously you will get the date along with the timestamp.
    So you can directly make it use of the variable in the Where clause without any casting of the variable.

    Select * from TableName where SelectDate >= @DateTime

    So if you SelectDate is like 30/01/2016 12:00:00 (By Default with casting)
    then when you run the above query you will get the desired result.


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    You can try this easiest way to findout this Records in Sql

    Select * from dbo.January2017 A where A.Date >= Youtdateandtime;
    select * from tbl1 where eventDate>=GetDate()


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    If you want to filter the table based on time then please refer below sample and remodify as per your need,

    select * from tablename where cast(datecolumn as time) between '10:00' and '13:00'

    Try something like above

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