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    NUnit - please, how is this Assert statement true

    "this test should fail").

    How on should this assert statement fail?
    I figured they are thesame, so should pass. Right?
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    We can use many statements for finding out the Boolean values.
    Infact the following list of statements can be used to find the Boolean values of a particular statement.

    Assert.IsTrue( bool condition );
    Assert.IsTrue( bool condition, string message );
    Assert.IsTrue( bool condition, string message, object[] parms );
    Assert.True( bool condition );
    Assert.True( bool condition, string message );
    Assert.True( bool condition, string message, object[] parms );

    All this statement will work on the Boolean values especially for true return.
    Mostly this will be used in TextBox kind of testing like ,
    1. Is the textbox is filled with characters
    2. Is the textbox is filled only with numeric
    3. Is the textbox is empty


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    HI Michael,
    Yes, you are right, both are same so it will pass. If both are not same, then the second parameter i.e. message will be shown: "this test should fail".



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    Assert class is used to Verifies conditions in unit tests using true/false propositions,
    you have used AreSame method, Verifies that two specified object variables refer to the same object

    I think you should use 'AreEqual' method it Verifies that two specified objects are equal. The assertion fails if the objects are not equal. Displays a message if the assertion fails.
    Different numeric types are treated as equal if the logical values are equal. For example, 42L is equal to 42

    Hope it helps

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