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    .Net is open source ?

    Now .net is an open source ? and can we develop application like e-commerce sites such as flipkat,amazon etc......
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    .Net is a powerful programming framework to build applications like e-commerce sites but one has to take the licensed version of .net


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    Open Source usually means that you have access to the source code and the right to modify and redistribute it. till couple of year back .NET was not a open source but from November 12, 2014 .NET Core was announced as Open source
    This is a natural progression of our open source efforts, which already covers the managed compilers (C#, VB, and F#) as well as ASP.NET:
    •C# & Visual Basic ("Roslyn")
    •Visual F# Tools
    •ASP.NET 5
    •Entity Framework

    This takes it to the next level by extending it to the .NET runtime and the core framework.
    •.NET Core Framework
    .NET Core is a modular development stack that is the foundation of all future .NET platforms It's already used by ASP.NET 5 and .NET Native
    check out below link for more details

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    As per your question, you cant create a e-commerce website like Amazon or Flipkart without Microsoft license.
    But if you have knowledge in AngularJS we can build a cool application with that and publish it without any license issue.


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    Hai Akshay,
    Yes, the latest version of Visual Studio (2015) is open source where you can develop the applications for various other platforms like mobile apps.
    You can go through the below article for more details:

    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    . Net is open source now, that means you can access the application in any platform ex windows, macros etc... Previously it won't be like that.

    Coming back to your question you want to prepare application similar to flipkart, Amazon right?

    That's totally depend up on your skills & talent. If you are able to prepare it using. Net well and good. But when preparing ecommerc sites mostly people are considering client side code like jquery, json etc.. But. Net is server side code so it's impact the performance think about it and decide yourself.

    Hope this helps you.

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