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    How to find records using Fingerprint

    Hi Friend,

    I have table which contain field ID, Location and Value( Finger print).

    Data is store in table with datatype

    ID:- Varchar(50)
    Location:- Varchar(10)
    Value:- Image

    There are several records which are store in database with different id and location.

    I want to find list of id and location on the basis of fingerprint so how can i get.

    Thanks in advance.

    Aaditya Chaubey
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    Fingerprint is the biometric device in which you need to store the fingerprint image and scan it using 3rd party dlls
    which finger print scanner device you are using ? they have their DLLS and API with them you can use.

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    You can use following method to find records using Fingerprint

    The fingerprint scanner as a stand-alone (USB) driver between the hardware (finger scanner) and Computer.It sends a code to a PHP (or ASP) script using your server "exec" commands (Apache/PHP etc.). The script does all of the database access and checking using the inputted code.

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