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    Keep session active in one URL when user in navigated to another URL

    My site name I have a hyperlink in one of the page. If the user click the hyperlink they will be navigated to different site Now the user starts doing some activity in As long as they are active in, session should not expire in For example, if the user is active for 2 hours in then the session should be active for 2 hrs in even though i have set the session time as 20 mins in web.config.

    How to achieve this?

    I searched in web.In most places Keepalive functionality is suggested but in that they are using iframe. I hope client will not accept loading the URL form test,.com site because of security issues.

    Please suggest in detail.
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    You can access the session varriable continuously for long time but the thing is if the session variable ideal time is more than your time limit(20min) then it will expire until that you can use. Once session expire you have to create new session again.

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    I tried the following but it didn't work:

    In the i have kept an image tag in the .aspx page as follows:
    <img src="" alt="Check"/>

    The image is only one pixel. Now whenever i refresh the page in, it will hit to load the image right? in this case the session in will be reinitialized?

    Please suggest

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