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    Weired view when textbox has placeholder

    Hello All,

    I am having login form and having placeholder with username and password. when i login and Save user and browser for it, than it looks weired. overlap username and password with placeholder text.
    It happens both in mozila and firefox.

    Awaiting response,

    Thanks is advance
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    It happens cause your ghost text will not get removed, can you please post your code so that we can help you more in order to resolve the issue
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    I have simple web application with three tier architecture. and there is not code there to give. Its simple asp textbox design code nothing else.

    <asp:TextBox ID="txtusername" runat="server" placeholder="username"></asp:TextBox>

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    We are asking the source code. There should be some place where this UserName and Password label text will be entered. Search that and gives us that code.

    Basically the controls are predefined this functionality, like when cursor focus event happen those ghost text should go off.
    So check for the source code or else remove those textboxes and add a new one and try again.


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    in above code || placeholder="username"||. placeholder property is that what you asking for. No other things such as source code
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    If you see the textbox it was displaying like "USERNAME". So definitely there should be some place this string is coming from. May be even in the properties of that textbox it might come from.

    Usually when we faced this kind of issue, we will do a simple thing that is rework.
    We remove those textboxes and again add those and try to see whether we are getting the same issue.


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