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    Without IIS how to Deploy a ASP.Net Project using c#

    Without IIS how to Deploy a ASP.Net Project using c#
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    We have self hosting in .NET for that we didn't need IIS.
    But the reason we keep in IIS is once the deployment is done all the files are mostly in DLL format which is not that easy to tamper and once it is compiled we can put that in a common server so anybody can hit the URL and make use of it.

    Self hosting MVC with help of Nuget package, I guess the name will be "MVC Self Hosting". Once we install this it will take the current system as the server and the application will run from the server.

    Hope you are tooking for ASP.NET we can also do that with OWIN file which is comes along with VS.
    Kindly got through the below link for the OWIN implementation.


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    You can definitely self host a .NET web application using OWIN. Unfortunately documentation and information about it is vague and confusing at best. The fact that you're using MVC makes it somewhat easier as you may be able to directly use the self-host packages from Nuget for self hosting Web API. There may be similar packages for MVC
    Following link will help you more

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    Normally in out Dotnet Project running Based on IIS no need hosting. But user access our website we need to host server using IIS,

    you can follow the steps

    control panel-> Administrative tools -> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

    then your create webapplication or website which you like that use them

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