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    How to create crosstab report in vs 2012

    hi , i want to show average and grand total in two rows but i am unable to make it please help to me.
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    Cross-tab reports provide the support to extract data for decision making. Cross-tab reports are based on cross-tab objects. Here is a query for Cross-tab reports

    Categories. CategoryName,
    Pros.ProName, Sum (CCur ([Order
    Details].UnitPrice*[Quantity]*(1-[Discount])/100)*100) AS ProSales,
    "Qtr " & DatePart("q",[ShippedDate]) AS ShippedQuarter
    FROM (Categories INNER JOIN Pros ON
    Categories. CategoryID=Pros.CategoryID) INNER JOIN (Orders INNER JOIN
    [Order Details] ON Orders.OrderID=[Order Details].OrderID) ON
    Pros.ProID=[Order Details].ProID
    WHERE (((Orders.ShippedDate) Between #1/1/2016# And #12/16/2016#))
    GROUP BY Categories.CategoryName,
    Pros.ProName, "Qtr " &


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