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    File access issue in IIS

    I have published my code into IIS.

    So I can see all my files under folder "Sites" from IIS.
    I m saving my file into particular folder inside server path like below:

    Now I'm right clicking over excel file and selected "browse"... I couldn't access since facing permission issue.. Issue says something like Private ip address prevented ..

    What I'm missing here??
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    The File which you have the spreadsheet was readonly. That's why it is not able to find the file.
    Go the server and click the complete folder permission. If it is restricted to one person or admin change it to IIS User.
    IIS User are one who have access for the IIS.

    Then also check the Excel File it should not be read only. Also make it as IIS_User permission access.
    We can also keep it as Public but the problem Is anybody can able to access even the user or not part our application.


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    what error you got ? please post the error description.
    so that we can help you better in order to resolve the issue

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    Could you please provide the stack trace error message, so that we can provide you better solution to resolve the issue.

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