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    Save complete chrome webpage in C#

    I am developing a win form application.

    My requirement is i have a already opened/preloaded web page on chrome browser, i just want to fetch all of this webpage html data without hitting it again and also want to saveAs complete chrome webpage .

    Please help me how can i do this ?
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    We can save the complete webpage in the manner of screenshot.
    Using Streamreader , StreamWriter and Webresponses. But it will be like a normal screenshot which we are doing on daily basis like a static PDF page. You can take out any data out of it. Just like a picture we can store it.

    Rectangle rec = webBrowser1.RectangleToScreen(webBrowser1.ClientRectangle); // Browser details
    Bitmap image = new Bitmap(rec.Width, rec.Height); // Height and widths of Browser
    Graphics gra = Graphics.FromImage(image);


    But hope you are expecting to take values from the page you are taken from browser?


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    Have you gone through this?
    Here author has provided a source code to 'download full web page using .Net'

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    Hi Mani,

    As i mentioned i have already opened/preloaded web page on chrome browser so i how can i use webbrowser control to get a snapshot from chrome ?


    anil jain,
    Software Developer,

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    Hi shashikant,

    I looked into your shared link but there they doing a webrequest and hit the url and getting the response but my situation is i can't hit the url as i already have a loaded url on chrome browser.

    anil jain,
    Software Developer,

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