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    Puppy linux releted question

    tell me some disadvantages of puppy Linux opreating system
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    Puppy is a great choice for low-specification hardware or occasional use but, if your hardware allows it, we would advise looking at one of the "big three" if you are looking for a serious long-term O/S.

    Actually its not Ubuntu. So what ever advantage you know on Ubuntu wont be here.
    I guess still more releases to come to make it better.


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    According to Wikipedia Puppy Linux is an operating system and lightweight Linux distribution that focuses on ease of use[3] and minimal memory footprint.
    The Disadvantages of Puppy Linux
    Puppy has a conservative approach to new technologies
    Puppy differs in many ways from of its sibling
    It is based on Ubuntu, environment , it means that much of the software available for Ubuntu will also work on Puppy

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