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    Insert records into servermachine from local

    I have created table in Server machine under sql database.

    Now I'm trying to move all data contents of the table from my local machine to server machine..

    But I couldn't use the following query since it says "sys.servers doesn't have the server name".

    select * into dbo.tablename from servername.dbo.epicay.TableName

    How to proceed..
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    We can use many methods for insert data into several ways,

    Inserting the data into our related server can be done with simple basic queries.

    SELECT * INTO Table_Name

    SELECT *
    FROM Table_Name


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    I'm not encourage that, no one insert local data into production usually we do production data into local but I never heard local to production. If you think that it is still needed then take a backup of the production and local and insert local backup data into production directly.

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

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