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    How to Hide this Sections


    How to hide particular section in Crystal report version 13 only .

    My Section like this

    Section2 (Page Header a)
    Page Header (Page Header b)

    I need how to visible false (Page Header b) in runtime when i click my report generate but how will hide this or how to hide using formula.
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    Try this:

    ReportDocument doc = ur reportdocument;
    doc.ReportDefinition.Sections["SectionYouWantToDisable"].SectionFormat.EnableSuppress = false; // for disabling
    doc.ReportDefinition.Sections["SectionYouWantToDisable"].SectionFormat.EnableSuppress = true; // for enabling

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    You can do this by manually also without coding.

    Select the section which you want to hide. Right Click on it choose Section Expert,
    You will see the Suppress Checkbox, then suppress the formula button and now in the formula section enter the condition like when you want to suppress the section like,

    If value > 1
    Don't Supress

    Finally click save and close.

    Also select the suppress blank section checkbox

    Similar applicable for all even for subsections.


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