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    What are the different types of authentication in MVC


    What are the different types of authentication in MVC4. When to use one over the other?

    Which type of authentication should be used in internet application and which type of authentication should be used in intranet application.

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    ASP.NET MVC supports all authentication and authorizations that has already been supported by ASP.NET, it support forms authentication, windows authentication and .NET passport authentication, and it still support URL authorization support
    Additionally it has ASP.NET Identity system which is designed to replace the previous ASP.NET Membership and Simple Membership systems, It includes profile support, OAuth integration, works with OWIN, and is included with the ASP.NET templates shipped with Visual Studio 2013.
    I think to secure your mvc application you need to switch to below link

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    Authentication for Internet and Intranet application will be decided based on the application requirement.
    If you take Intranet application/Window Application we can opt for Windows Authentication or even Form Authentication based on the requirement. If you have less number of users we can opt for Windows Authentication else we will go for Form Authentication.

    Under Windows Authentication we have two techniques, Kerberos and another is NTLM.
    Kerberos support for delegation of authentication whereas NTLM is Proprietary Microsoft authentication protocol.


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    i only familiar with windows and form authentication but like to know what other type of authentication exist which can be implemented in MVC ?
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    plzz list down all the names. thanks

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