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    Stored procedure execution stopped partially from vb application

    Hi Friends,

    Its an old project and designed the project in vb 6. Calling 5 stored procedures, First 3 stored Procedures executed properly . While executing 4th Insert stored procedure, its partially inserting data and stopped execution. No errors. Nothing from vb application.

    When I execute the same stored procedure in sql server 2012. Executing within 1 minute. No Issues.

    How to solve this issue ?

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    First thing is, it is executing well as Stored Procedure when you run in SQL but when you run from .NET application you are facing issue.

    So definitely problem with the parameters it passed.
    While passing the parameters especially on the 4th Procedure kindly keep the Pause and see the parameters or else take those parameter which are coming in for 4th Procedure. With the same parameter execute your procedure in SQL Server,

    Issue might be also in Space. suppose you have input like "5" if sometime it comes as "5 " it throws issue.
    So check entire input parameter for fourth procedure.


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    In SQL it's take around 1 min that is not good, I guess while execute the same in your application may be timeout occur, try to optimize the sql query and try to reduce the time taken for executing the procedure and then check the inputparameters from sql side as well as application side try to pass both are same and then re-execute the application.

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    You can break the long queries into small chunks.
    Also you can asynchronously run the queries.
    Please take a look at this:

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