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    How to bind MVC dropdown list

    am new to mvc frame work

    i need an help to work with dropdownlist please help me
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    Implementing Binding on Dropdownlist is very simpler.
    For making it happen, we need prepare the codes in the following places.

    Initially we need to create a model.

    public class DsrModel
    //Fill the coulmns


    Now create the Controller page for Dropdownlist.

    public class BindingController:Controller

    public ActionResult BindingDD()
    List<selectedListItem> lst = new List<selectedListItem>();

    // We can fill this list by adding the values from the list or we can get the values from Database.



    Now coming to view. we need to DropDownlist in the view page which to be stronglytyped one.
    Then we can call the HTML to map the values.

    <%= Html.DropDownList("SelectedItem", Model.ListItems,"-----Select----") %>


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    You need to use IEnumerable<SelectListItem> in your program to bind MVC dropdown list
     @Html.DropDownList("SelectedStoreType", (IEnumerable<SelectListItem>)ViewBag.StoreType)
    Code for control action
     public ActionResult SelectStore()
    List<SelectListItem> items = new List<SelectListItem>();
    items.Add(new SelectListItem { Text = "MyStore1", Value = "MyStore1", Selected=true });
    items.Add(new SelectListItem { Text = "MyStore2", Value = "MyStore2" });
    var model = new MyViewModel
    MovieTypes = items
    return View(model);

    Useful reference :

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