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    Need Help for MVC ERP Application ?

    Hi friends ,

    I am new in MVC Please tell me

    What is the best Architecture and design pattern for MVC ERP Application ?
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    ASP.NET MVC (Model-View-Controller architectural pattern) is getting popular day by day, due to Separation of code, extensive templates, data-binding, test-driven development (TDD), Scaffolding and no view state like features, it has REST and SEO support nature. it is really an plugged and extensible framework. We get complete control over HTML with MVC support. But before going to code on ASP.NET MVC we should take care of some Do's and Dont's or best practices
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    As you already mentioned that you are planning to work on MVC architecture so obviously you going to implement your project with Model View Controller architecture. As you mentioned ERP application, So definitely MVC going to help you in all aspects like Quality, Time Management and On time Release activities.

    All the best!!!


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