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    Web page to apply License


    I am created one website but it's login page showing before ask me License apply page, it is asked 30 days,90 days, 1 Year license then user apply valid license then go to login page otherwise redirect to same page.

    Please help me how to do it.

    if you have any doughts ask me, i have communication problem, please understand me request to every one.


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    When to logging In user already got license then the user details will be there in the database.
    So check whether the User who logs in who is already available in the list of that particular table.

    If the user name is not available in that table then it implies that the user is not got any license or Authorization to enter into that website.

    By this way you can restrict the user. When the user is already got license for that website then you can allow them to proceed further else redirect them to the License page details about 30 Days,60 Days and other stuffs.


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    its is customized logic basically, you need to first create a database table for license days and when you redirect to login page, onpage load you need to check if you have value exist in database for license validation, if there is no value exist then you need to ask user if has '30 days,90 days, 1 Year ' license, with radio button so that he can only select one of them.
    when user select any option then system has to enter that value in database and check the record.
    hope it helps

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