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    'Endpoint not found.' while consuming rest service of WCF through browser

    I have created WCF Rest service that take input/para from client and save it in database and knowledge with identity of table in which data is added.When I am consuming service throgh client that is nothing but web application making url as web request and getting proper output.But when I am consuming through browser getting error. First I tried like this :-

    after that like this ht

    I am getting error'Entpoint not found'.How to consume rest service through browser?Will I able to do that
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    Did you check the SVC file of Test.
    Check the WebServiceHostFactory in the file. The reason might be while creating that file it got corrupted.


    Delete this and try to open the Internet Explorer.

    Let us know if that solves the problem.


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    Hi Pinky,

    I am created one website but it's login page showing before ask me License apply page, it is asked 30 days,90 days, 1 Year license then user apply valid license then go to login page otherwise redirect to same page.

    Please help me how to do it.

    if you have any doughts ask me, i have communication problem, please understand me request to every one.



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    I think You are missing the endpoint configuration in you web.config, see below snippet

    < system.serviceModel>
    < services>
    < service name="Service.PushService">
    < endpoint address="" binding="basicHttpsBinding"
    contract="Service.IPushService" />
    < /service>
    < /services>
    < /system.serviceModel>

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