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    How to apply filter on multiple column in desktop application

    Hi Friends

    I want to apply filter on multiple column in grid view of desktop application( Like Jquery search) .

    How can i do the same.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can use stored procedure and pass the parameters as many as you have filters,
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    You can use combobox for this purpose.
    In your header cell, add one combobox with values as your grid view column names.
    Depending on its selection change, you can apply those filters.

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    Sometimes when we want to display limit data or a query then it is a better option to use of filtering database. There are basically three types of filtering
    Common filters
    Filter by selection
    Filter by form
    More detail about filtering database refer to :

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    How to apply such changes as this is desktop application. Can you please explain?


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