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  • Category: ASP.NET 3 tier architecture with stored procedures

    in data layer i am getting the error

    public void Insertdata (string _name,string _add,string _city,string _email)

    Error:no overload for method Insert takes 4 arguments.
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    The error clearly saying, There is no overload for method insert with 4 arguments.
    Did you give method definition of insert with 4 arguments which is of string type?
    public void insert(string _name, string _add,string _city,string _email)
    //your code to insert

    My suggestion is debug your code, where exactly it is giving error, so you will come to know if there is no method? or If method is there any issue with parameters or return type, etc

    Hope this will help you

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    thank u sony it is because of not writing stored procedure

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    The error description 'no overload for method Insert takes 4 arguments' is clear, It just says, you have pass four parameters to method but your have pass less than 4 argument to method
    Please go though your code and check where you have call your method

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