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  • Category: ASP.NET application with 3 tier architecture and stored procedures

    1. in presentation layer i am getting errors in

    public ClsBusinesslayer objLogic=new ClsBusinesslayer();

    error: Type or namespace clsBusinesslayer could not be found

    2.using Businesslayer

    Error:Type or namespace Businesslayer could not be found

    In Business layer i am getting errors in

    3. public ClsDataLayer objDataLayer=new ClsDataLayer();

    error:Type or namespace ClsDataLayer could not be found
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    Will able to post the complete code In this forum.

    It looks like you have not referenced the dll of other layers. Kindly reference the layer into other projects like Business Layer and Data Layer then use the reference in the coding and then start using those functions.


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    hi ravikrishna ,
    i thing you need to install Entity FrameWork Plug-in your Application.
    then add Namespace DataAnnotations and Entity
    Must Refer this link:
    hope it will help you

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    If you didnt refer those related UI, BLL, DAL namespaces in respective places, you will be getting this. use 'using respectivenamespace' whereever required.
    If you dont give respective namespaces correctly you will be getting compilation errors? are you getting?
    Refer the below simple login ex: with 3 tier architecture

    Login Page
    using businessLogic;
    public partial class login : System.Web.UI.Page
    businessLogic obj = new businessLogic();

    protected void button_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    obj.Username = username.Text;
    obj.Password = password.Text;


    using databaselogic;
    public class businessLogic

    public businessLogic ()
    databaselogic obj_Bl = new databaselogic();

    public string _username, _password;

    public string Username
    get { return _username; }
    set { _username = value; }

    public string Password
    get { return _password; }
    set { _password = value; }

    public void loginbll()




    namespace databaselogic

    public class databaselogic
    public databaselogic()
    public void login(string username, string password)
    //code related to Queries goes on here

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    i am using namespaces still i am getting it sony

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    what is the access modifiers for the namespace is it public or private ? use public access modifiers additionally are you using DLL or class files in same project, if you are using a class library (DLLS) then check if you are refer specific dll or not ?
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    As prasad mentioned make sure of access modifiers,
    And for example if businessLogic dll you want to refer in login page means, In you project -> References -> Right click -> Add Reference (of the particular dll(in my example businessLogic dll) which you want to use in your code.
    And if possible please share the code so that all will get chance to find out where is the issue.

    Hope this will help you.

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