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    I need somebody expert in web exchange service (WEB)


    I have a client who is looking for the following to execute

    - SAAS multi tenant application : this module will be used to set up WES infrastruture

    - An agent which can run on the customer site can access the mailbox
    The agent will look for the URL in the mail received
    The agent will get the internet header to ensure we can extract sender IP / domain name since
    EWS API does not allow access to all data elements available in the email header we will need
    to use EWS API to get the entire header then parse it for what we need
    The agen will look for mails with attachment based on a rule engine
    The agent will copy the files to a temporary location and create a file hash
    The agent will parse the header to check the PE signatures this will involve comparing the file
    header signatures with known PE signature
    The hash / URL / IP will be passed on to SAAS server via a webservice
    - SAAS will have very modular plugin architecture where different API module can be developed & used as available which will use HASH/URL/IP sent by the agent

    I can share more details if somebody has worked on .Net WES !

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    There will be an NDA also so please let me know if you can really work on it.


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