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    How to Integrate BitPay Api with our website in

    Dear Friends,

    How to integrate bitpay payment method with website?
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    Hi Ram,

    I think you can use NuGet package for integrating bitpay(bitcoin) with your website.
    Hope you developing using MVC framework.

    So just install the BitPay from NuGet.

    Install-Package BitPay

    Once installing that and added the reference in the file you can use the Bitpay concept in your code implementation as you like,

    BitPay bitpay = new BitPay("PaymentDetails");


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    I am developing using not MVC , i have used payment buttons i have this error when i pay the bitcoins using coinbase wallet

    "Token key is not valid"

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    Is there any testing option like sandbox in paypal if it has please give me clear steps that how can we develop testing module and how to pay using testing wallet please give me if you have any testing wallet or how to create it.

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