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    Please help me for passing veriable value one project to another project.

    I have 5 to 6 project in one solution. I want pass variable value from one project to another.

    If I tried add project using reference it gave following error.

    "A reference to "Refudriver" could not be added , adding this project as a reference would be cause a critical dependency"
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    Adding the reference into the other project was the correct from your problem.

    But the issue is coming may be that your project fall into circular dependency?
    Like Project A depend on Project B and Same Vice Versa?
    Then you need to make one independent of the other. Like if you are using Project A variable in Project B
    then reference the Project A in B alone and not the reverse.


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    You may have forgotten to add a project reference to Project1 in Project2. In the Solution Explorer, right-click Project2 and select "Add Reference", then under "Projects" select Project1.
    Also, if the two projects have different namespaces, you'll need to put
    see below snippet

    using Project1; // replace "Project1" with the namespace of your Project1

    At the top of the Project2 source file.
    If there are no compiler errors then the problem is not likely to be with project references. Perhaps you have some code in the Form24 constructor or Load event which is clearing those labels

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    Shall I create another project using Interface for following problem

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