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    Performance Level issue

    Hi All,

    In bankers application, am facing performance issue, it has very low response.
    At the same time, i couldn't able to restructure the full application., Try to give the solution to implement to get the good performance in the application. Suggest me some idea whether need to change code or sql structure and what to change in it?
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    Hi Radha,

    I have also faced this performance issue in one of my bank related project.
    There are few things we need can consider in these already developed projects.

    1. Avoid Big Select queries - Instead of that Using Stored Procedures.
    2. If you are loading data into DataGrid Implement Paging concept
    3. Avoid using Cursors in Procedures
    4. Try max to avoid using Loops in the conditions.
    5. Check all the state Management level implementation like Viewstate and Sessions.

    Hope the above steps will improve the performance.


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    Hi Manigandan,

    Thanks for your valuable reply, I will check with these 5 points and come back .

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    Hai Radha,
    For the performance related things, you need to consider below points:
    1. Whether the performance is slow for the overall application.
    2. Is the performance degradation from the database side?
    3. is the application UI performance is slow?
    Once you analyze these points, you will come-up with the way through which you can improve the performance:- If the performance is degrading from the database, then you need to check at which point the response from the database is slow? There could be some View, Stored Procedure, select query with multiple joins, Indexes etc.
    If the performance is degrading from the UI, you need to check whether there is the problem with the multiple Ajax calls, any other UI component is making the performance slow etc.
    The overall application performance could be low in the bandwidth which can also cause the performance degradation issue,
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

    Pawan Awasthi(DNS MVM)
    +91 8123489140 (whatsApp), +60 14365 1476(Malaysia)

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    The scope of word 'Performance' is very large, first you need to identify the where your application got slow, try to put log on different stage, you can put log with date and time object in seconds and calculate which line take more time to execute, then decide where you need improvement.
    there could be two types of improvement
    1. Database
    2. Code
    if its database related improvement (means your query takes time to execute) then you need to check below checklist, at least indexes rebuild will help you more. start with below performance checklist

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