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    Windows workflow foundation

    Please share the example windows workflow foundation in MVC using C#

    Other wise

    How to create WWF IN MVC Share the simple example.
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    There are many online guides and online tutorial for this. But as per my experience with WWF it is brief process.
    It will consume your time a lot.

    When I try to implement Windows Workflow Foundation in MVC I have following the below link.

    They provide step by step process. But I didn't successfully completed the implementation.
    Hope you will successfully do that. All the best.


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    I can share with you the best and top websites name just check it and try solve your question. because in all the websites entire introduction step by step so you can easily understand .

    2) › … › Web Development › ASP.NET › General

    hope you can visit these website and its help you

    thank you

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    with the help of windows foundation we can easily create and call workflow processes, small or large, from anywhere inside .NET code and it's been drastically improved since .NET3.5. That ease makes it practical to use workflow in places which it was previously too complicated to integrate, places where we normally manually code a process into business or web logic making it difficult to maintain and add standard features like tracing/auditing.
    basically you need to Creating the MVC site and Workflow Activity Library, then you need to Creating the Workflow, Update the MVC application to use the Workflow.
    check out below sample

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