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  • Category: ASP.NET

    Login with Facebook and Save details in database

    I want to know how can i login with Facebook and save credentials details in my database for doing further processing in my website.

    Currently i am using some code but in with i am only getting my Facebook Photo and Id only but not getting email and password details form the facebook account.

    Please suggest me what can i do for this process.
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    I am not sure this can be done.. When you are entering Userid and Password for Facebook or Gmail the UserId and Password are transferred through QueryString and get stored in the Respective server(FB or Google).

    So those UserId and Password store in their servers and we just get a Cookies in our application which contains the session id alone based on the session id the provider like FB or Google will validate us each time on the server round trip.

    So getting User Name or Password is kind of hacking technique you are looking for which can be done through tampering the network path. But considered to be illegal.


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