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    Why SQL is called ''Structured Query Language"??

    Hey to all,

    I know the basic of Sql. in the sense i also know full name of SEQUEL.
    but i have confused in why we call structured??
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    The original full name was SEQUEL, which stood for "Structured English Query Language". It later had to be renamed to SQL due to trademark issues.
    So basically, it was yet another attempt to sell a programming language as "just like English, except with a formal syntax" (hence "structured").
    hope it clear your doubt, basically it was meant to have queries that everyone could read. The structured part means that you can only use a structured English; i.e. select col1 from table1, but not give col1 out of table1.

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    SQL provides data independence from hardware and storage implementation i.e. data is stored in its natural structure rather than in a machine dependent one. So came the 'Structured' prefix for QUEL.

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    Hai Vaibhav,
    SQL is the abbreviation of "Structured Query Language" which is the programming programming language for managing data which is stored in RDBMS (Relational Database Management System).
    Actually this is started with the relational algebra and calculus for the Data definition and Manipulation. After that it extended the scope to CRUD operations. it also describes as the Declarative language by 4GL and also includes procedural elements.
    I think why it's called as structural as it needs an structure for all its objects- like table creation, procedure creation etc. There is the common structure to create each db objects.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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