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    Please help me for WPF - Cannot be edited in design view. error

    When I open xaml file in wpf. I am gating following error.

    window1.xaml cannot be edited in the design view.

    Please help me for that.
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    This will commonly happens in Visual Studio IDE. Kindly do the following things.
    1. Clean your solution completely and refresh it.
    If still not working.
    2. Close the Complete VS IDE clear all temp folder and Open it again

    Still Problem then
    3. If you open some other project with a regular window in it, what happens?
    If it opens ok then you broke something in your solution.
    If it doesn't then refresh your install of visual studio


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    Hey Ravi,

    The solution About This is Following,

    A solution for this would be to:
    – open the file in Blend
    – on the right side of the screen, select Resources tab
    – there you should see your xaml file
    – select the resource and expand it
    – select the first child, right click on it and select Edit
    – now the layout will appear on the main window
    – right click on the layout (your xaml layout) and select Edit Template and Current.

    Hope it Helps,

    Vaibhav Shah

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