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    Need to get the multiple row in single

    Hi Friends,

    Here is me table:

    id Name
    ----- ---------
    1 Raj
    1 Kumar
    2 A
    2 B

    i need result as 1 | Raj,kumar
    2 | A,B

    I have seen something called STUFF, but dont know how to use it. Any idea???

    Thanks in advance.
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    Yes using STUFF we can achieve this, refer below sample query for your reference

    WITH tempTable AS
    SELECT ID FROM Tablename

    SELECT t.ID, Name= STUFF((SELECT ',' + Name FROM Tablename tn WHERE tn.ID = t.ID FOR XML PATH('')), 1, 1, '')
    FROM tempTable t;

    Hope this helps you....

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    Hi Naveen,

    I tried that query and getting error like Syntax Error near XML. Am using SQL SERVER 2003

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    I feel SQL SERVER 2003 version support STUFF.
    Try the below code.

    SELECT Id,
    Stuff((SELECT ', ' + code
    FROM tblmta t2
    WHERE t2.Id = t1.Id
    FOR XML PATH('')), 1, 2, '') [Name]
    FROM tblmta t1 GROUP BY ID


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