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    How to disable the website information in

    How to hide or disable the website informations like the website is created by
    1) which technology
    2) which version of the technology
    3) web server details

    i wanna hide all the above things kindly help to achieve this task
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    You need Contact Site administration because they have only admin for your website.

    suppose this is dedicated server or are you server admin menans some setting to need change Cpanel in your server.

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    Hi kumar, we are using dedicated server only what type of setting have to change and where i have to change

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    when you deploy any website on IIS basically each page has HTTP response headers and that shows your web site information like
    1. Server – Specifies web server version.
    2. X-Powered-By – Indicates that the website is "powered by ASP.NET."
    3. X-AspNet-Version – Specifies the version of ASP.NET used.
    Now, you can hide them using following ways
    1. The Registry key,
    2. URLScan tool
    3. URLRewrite
    4. Using the httpRuntime element
    see below link for details

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    Just extending prasad's answer. In IIS there is URLRewrite utility which allows you to change the response header attribute. If it is not available you need to install it using Microsoft Web Platform Installer.


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